Whether you're getting a Thai Buddhist tattoo for religious reasons or not there's a few things you should bear in mind when going down this route. In this post we'll discuss some of these issues and make sure you're ready for your first Thai tattoo.

To Get a Thai Tattoo in a Tattoo Parlor or Temple

This is one of the more difficult questions I've been asked recently. I would say that in typical kind of Buddhist way, you must follow your own way. By this in another Thai saying is 'it's up to you'. This is no help do I hear you say? Well, yes, it's not meant to be helpful but to make you realize that when it comes to getting your own Buddhist tattoo that you need to follow your heart. If that means taking the trip to Wat Bang Phra near to Bangkok where people literally wait for hours to get their Sak Yant tattoo then that's fine. If you just want to step into a tattoo parlor near to Khao sarn road then that's also fine. But know that if you go the temple then the monk there will give you the tattoo in the old style using bamboo shoot and needle with homemade traditional Thai tattoo ink.

Where to Put it on my body?

This is another question that most people are keen to have answered before they get their own Tattoos of Buddhist tattoo emblazoned upon their body. Basically there's golden rule to follow which is to not put the tattoo at a position too low for example on the ankle or the foot. This would cause disrespect and offense and has done before on some islands of Thailand. So higher up on the body is always best, like on the shoulder or upper back is fine.

What Design to Choose

This depends on which of the magical properties and good luck you want to be blessed with and you could have the Thai monk decide which would make it a lot easier I think you'd agree. Personally I like the five rows tattoo pictures that comes complete with 5 different Sak Yan Buddhist tattoo blessings.